Aleppo mosque airstrike controversy: ‘US only considers sources credible when it suits them’

Conflicting reports on an alleged airstrike on an Aleppo mosque won’t change the Pentagon’s attitude towards the various shady “activist” groups they cite as “reliable” sources when it suits them, says retired US AF Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski.

Syria air strike: Mosque was not bombed, insists US – BBC News

The US military has denied reports that it bombed a mosque in north-western Syria during evening prayers. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said 46 people, mostly civilians, died in an air strike on what it said was a mosque.

US admits Syria airstrike that killed 46 but denies targeting mosque

The US has said it carried out an airstrike in Syria against an al-Qaida meeting but denied deliberately targeting a mosque where 46 people were reportedly killed. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said most of the dead were civilians in the Thursday evening raid on the village of Al-Jineh, in the northern province of Aleppo.