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Big pharma limiting access to drugs in developing world

Expensive medicines remain inaccessible for many. Lengthy patents prevent development or importation of cheaper generic drugs. The quest for profit trumps the needs of the developing world, violating the basic tenet of justice to provide healthcare to all.

12 Big Pharma Stats That Will Blow You Away — The Motley Fool

It only makes sense that Big Pharma would be associated with some big numbers. The size and reach of the major biopharmaceutical companies is pretty impressive (or scary, depending on your point of view). However, there are also some statistics for Big Pharma that aren’t all that large but are intriguing nonetheless.

The Most Profitable Industries In 2016

Earlier this year, we examined the profitability of different sectors in 2015 based on estimates from Factset. As 2015 will soon come to an end, we are taking a look at the forecasted net profit margins for 19 major U.S. sectors next year.