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Not Russian hackers: Brit arrested for cyberattack on Germany blamed on Moscow

A UK national has been detained in London on suspicion of carrying out a cyber-attack last year that left 1 million Deutsche Telekom customers without service. At the time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel hinted that Russia might be behind the attack.

‘NEW LOW!’ Farage ridicules ‘HYSTERICAL’ Remoaners for blaming Brexit on Russia

Mr Farage mocked the “sore losers” who continue to whine about the Brexit and refuse to listen to the British people. His searing attack on Remoaners for blaming everyone but themselves follows Labour MP Ben Bradshaw remarks that it was “probable” that Russia swayed the Brexit vote.

Your Guide to Blaming Russia for Everything

There’s a secret that not many people know. It’s time you were briefed on it. Close the door and make sure you’re not being followed. Things have gone too far to keep this under wraps any longer. This is going to feel like Ivan Drago punched you in the face.