International Media


Afghanistan- Pajhwok News

Pajhwok Afghan News is Afghanistan’s largest independent news agency. With headquarters in Kabul, eight regional bureaus and a nationwide network of reporters and correspondents, Pajhwok delivers an average daily output of three dozen stories in Pashto, Dari and English.

Albania- TiranaTimes

It’s the country’s first weekly newspaper of original news and views devoted to serving the English speaking audience of Albania and abroad.

Algeria- About Algeria

Algerian News blog.

Andorra- All Andorra

Andorran news and promotional site.

Angola- ANGOP

News blog from Angola.

Antigua and Barbuda- Antigua Observer

News and live radio site.

Argentina- The Bubble

The Bubble is a digital media company that dissects what is happening in Argentina and Latin America by covering current events and analyzing pop and media culture.

A new kind of media is emerging and The Bubble wants to join the revolution. Our company endeavors to provide local and international readers with a full understanding of current events about the country. It’s Argentina from an insider’s point of view.

Armenia- News AM

Armenia-based independent information- analytic agency is specialized in the production and spreading of information products. The main target group of the agency is individuals and organizations interested in obtaining timely and reliable information about the social, political and economic developments in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as Diaspora communities around the world. The agency also focuses on the topical events, problems, and trends in the South Caucasus region.

Australia- The Australian Independent Media Network

The AIMN is a platform for citizen journalists and bloggers to write and engage in an independent media environment.

Australia- Real News Australia

Real News Australia was founded in 2012 and is Australia’s leading alternative news site featuring; open source journalism, current news articles that actually matter, opinionated editorials, shared news items from Australia and around the world, documentary films & video clips. We are dedicated to talking about real issues, health news, world events, political events and deciphering the main stream media garbage in order to break the cycle of propaganda.

Australia- Australian Broadcasting Company

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Australia’s state-owned and funded national public broadcaster. The ABC plays a leading role in the history of broadcasting in Australia.

Austria- The Local

English news blog.

Austria- The Vienna Times

Vienna Times is an Austrian online daily English newspaper, delivers high-quality and engaging content across digital and social platforms. We provide authoritative insight on latest national headlines, in-depth political coverage, updated analysis on business, latest lifestyle trends, developments in healthcare, latest sports coverage, travel and technology.

Azerbaijan- Today.Az

English news site.

The Bahamas- The Bahamas Weekly

Large news site featuring local and regional news.

Bahrain- DT News of Bahrain

News site in English.

 Bangladesh- The Daily Star 

“The Daily Star established its place in the media scene of Bangladesh on January 14, 1991. It started its journey with a sense of challenge and a feeling of humility to serve this nation as a truly independent newspaper. The newspaper made its debut at a historic time when, with the fall of an autocratic regime, the country was well set to begin a new era towards establishing a democratic system of government which eluded Bangladesh for too long.”

Barbados- Barbados Today 

“In the midst of very challenging economic times, your online multi-media platform of choice now offers you bold and exciting new opportunities for getting your product message to market in the most cost-effective and timely way – not forgetting the added advantage of having the widest possible reach. By now many of you would be familiar with our environmentally friendly, dynamic and effective ePaper, which, since its inception on January 26, 2010, has recorded more than 300 million page views and over eight million unique visitors in total — that’s on average 260 000 per month or more than a million a year.”

Belarus- Belarus News 

“The Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BelTA) is Belarus’ largest news agency. For over 95 years BelTA has been the country’s official news agency and is the most respected source of up-to-the-minute news about Belarus’ supreme authorities. BelTA was established on 23 December 1918. For a long time the news agency worked in tight cooperation with the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union (TASS). In 1991 BelTA became the official news agency of the sovereign Republic of Belarus.”

Belgium- The Brussels Times 

“The Brussels Times is Belgium’s premier daily online newspaper in English. Our mission statement is to provide expats, foreigners and internationally oriented Belgians with Belgian news and opinion pieces in order to help them understand what is happening in the capital of Europe, on a local level. We have no political affiliation and seek to present the news fair-mindedly and offer a wide range of analysis and opinion pieces.”

Belize- Breaking Belize News 

“Over two million readers per year depend upon BBN for daily stories that pair local news with worldwide headlines. As a respected online journalism resource, we get over 10 million page views annually as well, which places our site on a trajectory for becoming the fastest-growing media conduit in Belize.”

Benin- News Times Africa- Benin 

“Newstime Africa was founded to bridge the information gap that existed around news coverage on Africa, and provide a balanced medium for Africans to get their news from one authoritative source. With the introduction of the print publication: the Newstime Africa Magazine, Newstime Africa is poised to reach Africans around the world in unprecedented ways, enabling them to keep abreast with news and events happening across the region.”

Bhutan- The Bhutanese Expression 

National media from the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bolivia- Bolivian Thoughts in an Emerging World 

“This page will offer daily information on most relevant economics and political issues; will provide reliable information regarding environment and social unrest events that impact on business and daily life.”

Bosnia-Herzegovina- The Sarajevo Times

“Sarajevo Times is currently the only Bosnian portal that reports news from Bosnia and Herzegovina in English,  at the same time respecting European standards of professional and objective journalism.”

Botswana- The Midweek Sun 

News from Botswana.

Brazil- Brazil Sun 

“Brazil Sun, effectively an online newspaper, provides coverage of the city, the metro, and regional area. International news, business and finance stories are common across the network of sites, and are drawn from a number of sources including wire services.”

Brunei- No.1 News ! 

“Our website is the No.1 News Website and the largest online media information tool, and a pioneer in the field of online media in Brunei Darussalam. It is an independent Internet web site designed to collate all news and business information on Brunei into an instant single guide to enable easy access for everyone.”

Bulgaria- The Bulgarian News Agency 

“The Bulgarian News Agency (BTA) is Bulgaria’s national news agency. It was established by a decree issued by Prince Ferdinand I in 1898. The BTA is now a major and reliable source of information to the print and electronic media, the state bodies and NGOs in Bulgaria. BTA’s operation is regulated by a Statute adopted by the 36th National Assembly on 29 June 1994.”

Burkina-Faso- Newstime Africa 

NTA Burkina-Faso news page.

Burma (Myanmar)- Myanmar Times 

“Freedom of the press is still a fragile and evolving concept in Myanmar. Whilst elements of this statement are already enshrined in law, ultimately this notion of freedom depends almost entirely on public support. That support can only be diminished if the public loses faith in the media as an honest, impartial and reliable source of information. The Board is proud to offer a publication that respects these standards and that is committed to upholding its reputation as the newspaper you can trust.”

Burundi- IWACU English News 

News from Burundi.

Cambodia- Cam News 

Cambodian online newspaper.

Cameroon- Cameroon Online 

Online news daily from Cameroon.

Canada- CBC News 

“As the national public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada takes very seriously its obligation to be transparent and accountable to Canadians. CBC/Radio-Canada uses a variety of channels to report to Canadians, as well as to meet its regulatory obligations.”

Cayman Islands- Cayman Compass 

“Cayman Compass is the Cayman Islands’ most trusted news website. We provide you with the latest breaking news from the Cayman Islands, as well as other parts of the Caribbean.”

Chad- Newstime Africa

“Newstime Africa was founded to bridge the information gap that existed around news coverage on Africa, and provide a balanced medium for Africans to get their news from one authoritative source.”

Chile- The Santiago Times 

“The Santiago Times is an independent news source focused exclusively on Chilean current events. Our mission is to make the country more accessible to the international community by providing balanced, comprehensive news coverage in English.”

China- People’s Daily 

“, founded on Jan. 1, 1997, is a large-scale news platform built by People’s Daily, one of the top ten newspapers in the world. It is also one of the largest comprehensive media sources on the Internet.”

Columbia- The City Paper Bogota 

“Founded in April of 2008, The City Paper is Colombia’s largest English-language newspaper and the best source for breaking news, travel tips and cultural insights into one of Latin America’s most beautiful and welcoming nations.”