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Le Pen vows to challenge ‘savage globalization’ in final push ahead of French presidential vote

Following attempted disruptions of her rally by anti-National Front protesters and a FEMEN activist, France’s presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen reinforced her promises to defend the French from the woes of the globalized world, including uncontrollable migration.

Forget the Russians, are Americans meddling to help boost Le Pen’s chances?

While all pre-election talk has concerned fears that Moscow will try and influence the French presidential election, new data in France suggests American internet users are working hard to boost Marine Le Pen’s chances of victory.

Protester Strips Naked, Another Storms Stage At Le Pen Rally Ahead of French Elections

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Ms. Le Pen – who is expected to reach the second round of this month’s presidential election – was giving a speech to a massive crowd at a hall in the Parisian neighborhood of Aubervilliers when a female got onto the stage and attempted to throw flowers.