War In Syria- News Mix

Western MSM complicit in fueling ‘artificially’ ignited Syrian war – Bolivian filmmaker to RT

The Syrian war was an artificial, deliberately planned and meticulously staged conflict from the very beginning, Carla Ortiz, a Bolivian documentary filmmaker told RT. She believes western MSM played a decisive role:repeating a stereotypical narrative while twisting the reality.

Syria and the Cycle of American Intervention

Washington’s zeal for humanitarian action ebbs and flows. And many are dying as a result. To revisit the U.N.’s anointing of Aleppo as a World Heritage Site is a haunting exercise. The U.N. celebrated the city’s “13th-century citadel, 12th-century Great Mosque and various 17th-century madrasas, palaces, caravanserais and hammams,” all of which constituted “the city’s cohesive, unique urban fabric.”

Joint Military Drills in Poland- Newsmix

NATO launches first military drills in Poland

NATO countries have launched the first drills of a huge military exercise in Poland at a time when European nations are seeking strong security guarantees amid growing concerns about Russia. The drills, part of an exercise codenamed Anakonda-16, began on Tuesday and will involve some 31,000 troops from Poland, the US and 17 other NATO member nations and from five partner nations.

US troops hold joint drills in Poland to ensure ‘unlikely attack from East even more unlikely’

US and Polish soldiers, alongside newly delivered American military hardware, have conducted joint drills as part of the biggest US deployment in Europe since the end of the Cold War.

The Warsaw Voice

A Patriot missile battery from U.S. Army Europe ac


Trump’s Immigration Order- News Mix

Trump’s Immigration Order Tests Limits of Law and Executive Power

But what all that means in practice is not clear, which has led to disorder in its application. The third measure has created the most uncertainty. The Department of Homeland Security initially said that the order barred even legal permanent residents who hold green cards.

What is wrong with Trump’s immigration ban?

On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order restricting immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries, suspending the US refugee programme for 120 days, and banning Syrian refugees from entering the country until further notice. Ian Samuel, a lecturer at Harvard Law School, explained the executive order – and just what is wrong with it – to Al Jazeera.

De Blasio: Trump’s Immigration Order Is ‘Un-American’ – Breitbart

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” while discussing President Donald Trump executive order halting access to the United States of immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said the order is “un-American.” SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER De Blasio said, “There was no guidance.

Trump to Build Wall- News Mix

Don’t meet with Donald Trump, President Peña Nieto urged

United States President Donald Trump signed an executive order today authorizing the construction of a wall on the Mexico-U.S. border, a move that is not sitting well with Mexican politicians. Trump fulfills one of his main election campaign promises with the order, which also includes measures to combat illegal immigration and deport illegal immigrants who break other laws.

Trump Moving to Take Bids on Building the ‘Wall’ – Breitbart

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER The estimated final cost of that “Wall” would depend on such factors as terrain, the presence of necessary infrastructure such as roads, and the acquirement of land in the wall’s path.

Rejecting the Wall ‘Is Too Emotional,’ and Other Voices From the Border

McALLEN, Tex. – In this South Texas city in the Rio Grande Valley, the border is a barrier. A river. A fence. A symbol. The fence itself lines the Rio Grande roughly nine miles from downtown McAllen, a city of wind-battered palm trees where Mexican culture has long shaped life.