‘Aleppo boy’ versus ‘Mosul girl’: How the Western MSM peddles war propaganda

Robert Bridge, an American writer and journalist based in Moscow, Russia, is the author of the book on corporate power, “Midnight in the American Empire”, released in 2013. During two parallel global events – the Russian-backed liberation of Aleppo and the US-backed liberation of Mosul – viewers witnessed the tragic circumstances of two children, with two radically different media spins.

How PR Sold the War in the Persian Gulf

Excerpted from Toxic Sludge Is Good For You, Chapter 10 “If I wanted to lie, or if we wanted to lie, if we wanted to exaggerate, I wouldn’t use my daughter to do so.

US Officials Won’t Say if a New Anti-Russia Propaganda Project Is Targeting Americans

On the day before Christmas Eve last year, President Obama signed the annual National Defense Authorization Act, which this year included a $160 million revamping of the “Global Engagement Center” to combat what officials claimed was a uptick in Russian propaganda.