U.S. Deportations, Then and Now- News Mix

Barack Obama Deported A Record Number Of Immigrants From The U.S. Than Any Other President

During President Barack Obama’s terms, he had a record number of people deported from the United States which was more than any other president. As of 2015, more than 2.5 million undocumented people had been deported by immigration authorities since Obama took office in 2009. This total is record-setting.

ACLU Mobilizes ‘Rapid Response’ to Fight Trump Deportations

‘His rhetoric is already scaring a lot of people in immigrant communities.’

Obama’s lethal deportation machine: Trump’s anti-immigration measures are intense, but nothing new

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. On Jan. 18, Barack Obama used his final press conference as president to pledge to the public that he will speak up if the administration of Donald Trump crosses a line, whether that’s imposing “systematic discrimination” or silencing the press.

Mexico: Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across nation

Mexicans have held massive protests against US President Donald Trump, hitting back at his anti-Mexican rhetoric and vows to make Mexico pay for a “big, beautiful” border wall between the two countries.