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Trump’s Wiretapping Accusations: Here’s What the Government Can Actually Do

On Saturday morning, President Donald Trump posted a series of angry tweets, accusing former President Barack Obama of engaging in a “Nixon/Watergate”-style plot to tap the phones at Trump Tower during the election.As an initial matter, it’s important to emphasize that little has actually been reliably verified.

Mark Levin: Was Obama Using NSA Against Trump During 2016 Campaign?

Radio host Mark Levin spent most of his Thursday evening show discussing the alleged scandal surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions and what he says is the real scandal: A “silent coup” by the former Obama administration against President Trump. “They are not going to stop, I told you that the day after the election,” Levin urged.

Trump, Offering No Evidence, Says Obama Tapped His Phones

But a senior White House official said that Donald F. McGahn II, the president’s chief counsel, was working to secure access to what Mr. McGahn believed to be an order issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court authorizing some form of surveillance related to Mr. Trump and his associates.